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Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability in Injection Molding

Updated: Jul 9

Improvement of Injection Molding Parameters

Through proper data collection and analysis, KERN IoP can achieve substantial improvements in various injection molding performance indicators. Our clients have experienced cycle time reductions of 10-30% and energy consumption reductions of 7-25%. Furthermore, KERN IoP users have achieved a 5-20% increase in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), based on reductions in machine startup times of up to 30% and scrap rates reductions of 10-20% (up to 35% in co-injection). Our specific signal analysis for maintenance issues has proven to cut unplanned downtime and extend equipment life. These improvements translate directly into cost reductions, with an average ROI between 12 and 24 months.

Enhancing Sustainability with Industry 4.0

Sustainability is a critical concern for the plastics injection molding industry, especially with the emphasis on reducing environmental impact and promoting circular economy practices. Incorporating post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins into products presents challenges related to material consistency, quality control, and process optimization. Industry 4.0 tools are essential in addressing these challenges and facilitating the seamless integration of PCR resins into injection molding processes.

At KERN IoP, our advanced Industry 4.0 solutions enable manufacturers to monitor and control every stage of the injection molding process with precision. Real-time data from sensors and IoT devices ensure that the properties of PCR resins, such as viscosity and thermal stability, are consistently maintained within optimal ranges. This level of control is crucial for maintaining product quality and performance when using recycled materials, which often exhibit greater variability compared to virgin resins.

Moreover, our data analytics and machine learning algorithms can identify patterns and predict outcomes based on historical data. This capability allows manufacturers to adjust processing parameters dynamically, optimizing the use of PCR resins and reducing material waste.

Would you like to know more? Contact us so that we can discuss your needs and see how KERN IoP can optimize your injection molding process now.

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