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Industry 4.0

the way to go

Industry 4.0, as a market trend, implies a progressive exercise of technology adaptation and change of mentality, in which decision support increases progressively until it reaches complete robust control based on state-of-the-art algorithms.

From Kern IoP we invite you to climb the path towards industry 4.0 together. 

We invite you to read below what each step of the pyramid implies.

The base of the pyramid. The first step towards digitization: collect data in an automated way. Dataloggers for acquisition of process variables.

5. Process data acquisition and storage

Kern automatically acquires, transmits and synchronizes the measured variables in secure and robust databases .

4. wireless management
of information

All types of custom visualization systems available online in applications specially designed for quick decision making.

3. Real-time information display

The penultimate rung. From Kern, the physics of the processes are modeled and, based on variables measured in real time, it is capable of establishing critical paths to have an optimal process.

2. process modeling

1. Robust control

The top of the pyramid. Kern controls the process from a deep understanding of the effects of the measured variables on the final product.

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