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Industry 4.0



Kern Monitor is the specialized software application for handling various Kern IoP data sources. With the help of pre-designed and custom-made dashboards, the objective is to allow the ways of visualizing information to always be aligned with your organizational objectives.

KERN IoP Monitor es un software especializado en el análisis de información proveniente de los sistemas de adquisición de datos KERN IoP SmartPro para la optimización de procesos de inyección de plásticos. Basados en la filosofía de Industria 4.0 de KERN IoP esta herramienta le permite convertir datos en valor y así reducir costos por pieza inyectada.

Visualization of metrics and performance indicators (KPIs) in forms both predefined and tailored to your specific requirements.

Automated management of uploading and downloading data on our secure server, which is accessible through a web application from any device with internet access.

Hierarchical equipment management for visualization and grouping of information sources and metrics specific to plants, processes, equipment and specific components.

Kern Monitor is compatible with any device with an internet connection and, thanks to the engineering team behind it, it is possible to adjust its functionality to the visualization needs of your specific plant.

Kern IoP | SMARTPRO  y Kern IoP | MONITOR work together to deliver an effective and reliable solution to your injection plant, with the aim of transmitting the most valuable information to you to reduce production costs.

In Kern Monitor  the dashboards are always available* to display the relevant information of all the variables monitored to carry out any type of analysis
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