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smart production

Why is it important to boost productivity from industry 4.0?

Greater effectiveness

Greater assertiveness in decision making and better quality thanks to the monitoring of critical process parameters.

More efficiency

Less waste and downtime, thanks to data-driven error detection and alarming.

More traceability

Production data is obtained in real time and is followed through the production chain, ensuring quality and detecting possible sources of error.  


Up to what percentage have production orders been completed?

What is the detailed planning of the company by manufacturing or assembly area?

How efficient have my processes been in the last week?

These questions can be answered relatively easily by using an MES within an ERP. However, licensing costs are prohibitive in many cases, and integration with tangible tasks on the shop floor can be cumbersome.

Kern IoP has developed SMARTPRO with industries in mind that want to have managerial control of productivity from the management, with the help of the same operators or peripheral equipment of simple installation, of the established production operations.

primary goal: maximize oEE


Overall Equipment Efficiency  Overall Equipment Efficiency



KERN monitor OEE.png

Kern IoP | Monitor permite a usted y su equipo visualizar en tiempo real y obtener alertas relacionadas con la información de productividad adquirida mediante equipos SmartPro.


Un montaje sencillo y toda la información a su alcance.

Machine Arm Assembling Car_edited.jpg


The clear identification of stoppage reasons is vital to understand and improve the OEE availability indicator. 
In  Kern Monitor   this information is centralized, so that it is available from any device, at any time.

Image by Chester Alvarez


productividad inyeccion_kernIoP.jpg

For the efficiency indicators   it is necessary to have clear and objective criteria to establish how long each task takes.

Thus, through monitoring with   Kern IoP | SMARTPRO , it is possible to evaluate how close the equipment or process is to that objective.




Finally, from the quality indicator, the proportion of defective final product is evaluated, for which various expansion modules   allow the acquisition of all kinds of variables (flatness, weight, pressure, tightness, etc.) quickly and in sync with the other indicators to have an OEE indicator that is always reliable and up-to-date.

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