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Industry 4.0

Production optimization

If your main objective is to optimize the operation of your processes in a robust way, the ideal way to do it is by knowing your system in detail. Entrust the in-depth study of your process to the KERN IoP team of experts and discover the potential available in your plant to be exploited.

Hand in hand with KERN IoP , you can make informed and strategic decisions to enhance your production, based on exhaustive analyzes carried out by our professionals. In addition, we present a variety of possible improvements that include particular control figures to implement a system for continuous monitoring of the efficiency of your production. 


diagnosis of
industrial processes

We are pioneers in the process diagnosis service in Colombia, in terms of the possibility of delivering complete analyzes of the current state of injection processes.

With our help, it is possible to know:

  • Quality of thermal balancing of production molds

  • Calibration of hot runner systems

  • Detailed quality analysis of plastic parts

  • Evaluation of the state of injection molds (corrosion, wear)

Expert data analysis from real-time monitoring

KERN Smartpro.png

Based on our in-depth knowledge of the injection process and with the help of the   Kern IoP | SMARTPRO , we offer the expert support service to analyze in depth the data obtained, coming from the sensors and connected equipment in order to maintain your production at an optimal point.

The objective? Allow you to be in full capacity to make informed decisions that reduce your costs per injected part .


Services for Industry 4.0, today.

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