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Industry 4.0


In an increasingly competitive market, Industry 4.0 is here to stay: Information has become the most important currency for increasing productivity.

Kern IoP | SMARTPRO is a system for the efficient and transversal management of critical production information in real time. Monitoring of cycle times, operational efficiency statistics and management of production orders, among other tasks focused on decision making and continuous optimization.

Thanks to the versatility of Kern IoP systems, configuring your floor software with Kern IoP | SMARTPRO It is very simple, also made possible by the ability to integrate data at different levels:

El  Kern IoP | SMARTPRO  allows simple data entry from: sensors, PLC, or touch input at the machine. In this way it is possible to have information on the injection process in real time.

Make informed decisions based on data! 

At the hardware level, Kern IoP | SMARTPRO has been developed to have the ability to receive machine variables through installed sensors and/or the machine's PLC, to enter information tactilely at the machine, as well as from a barcode reader and QR codes.

Thus, tasks such as the identification of the reason for the occurrence of failures can be carried out in an efficient and simple way for decision-making and cost savings in injection.

Kern IoP | SMARTPRO allows the data received and analyzed to be exported to the client's MES or ERP systems.

Our software  Kern IoP | MONITOR  is responsible for centralizing and securely storing both data and metrics of high value for your company. From there, you will be able to view your information quickly and using any device with Internet access.

In addition, thanks to the support of our human team, it is possible to create forms of visualization adjusted to your particular needs.


Up to what percentage have production orders been completed?

What is the detailed planning of the company by manufacturing or assembly area?

How efficient have my processes been in the last week?

 How to answer these and more productivity questions with Kern IoP? → 

Kern IoP | SMARTPRO It offers, with some expansion modules, the possibility of having complete traceability  of the performance of each production order with detailed information on the operators responsible for carrying it out. Thus, it is not only the productivity statistics that enhance its operation, but also how human capital is being able to carry them out.

Some expansion modules available

water temperature


pump pressure

Operator ID

In Kern IoP | MONITOR   the dashboards are always available to visualize the relevant information of all the monitored variables.

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We know the manufacturing processes and, thanks to this, we build intuitive and complete Industry 4.0 platforms together with you. Schedule a visit now to discover how Kern IoP puts the most powerful tools of I4.0 in your hands.
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