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Why is energy saving important from industry 4.0?

Greater care for the environment

Energy from non-renewable sources is causing an increase in temperature variations and generalized climate changes, which have forced the evolution of new technologies and a vision focused on saving. To save, it is necessary to know how much is consumed today.

better control

Energy is the process consumption variable most directly associated with the cost of using equipment and, in most cases, it is the largest expense incurred after input raw materials._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Greater analysis capacity

Thanks to the energy monitoring of all the equipment and peripherals that work in a process, it is possible, based on physical analysis and Artificial Intelligence, to generate information on process information such as the distribution of cycle times.
Yes, with the same Kern IoP |SmartPro device.


What has been the consumption of the last hour? what about last week? Is a computer operating or stopped? What is and at what time of day is the peak of my consumption?

Knowing and mitigating the impact of industrial operations regarding their effect on climate change is imperative in an economy that is increasingly inclined towards the concept of a circular economy.

This is why Kern IoP | SMARTPRO, together with the module  Kern IoP | ENERGY  indicate the specific energy expenditure in kWh/kg or kWh/component of your injection process so that you have real-time control of your consumption and can meet the traceability objectives of your production .

To identify
Conduct pilots to identify Pareto
Key code
Decision making and continuous optimization of your process
In the example shown, power quality monitoring is very useful to check whether taxes associated with the reactive load of the plant could legally be incurred.

With real-time monitoring, this condition can be detected and attended to as soon as possible.

Our methodology

The versatility of energy measurement allows its implementation in any industry, regardless of its level of automation.

In addition, thanks to the wireless information management of
Kern IoP | SMARTPRO and its ENERGY modules , the assembly is 'plug and play' in your production plant.

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