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Why is it important to ensure quality supported by industry 4.0?

Greater transversality and traceability

If the information on the quality of your products is continuously monitored by supervisors, operators and managers, decision making can be made in an informed manner and without delays between taking quality tests and evaluating results.

In addition, the traceability of results is key when it comes to solving quality problems. What resin was being used? Who was operating the machine? What injection parameters were occurring at the time of failure? These are all questions that you can solve with Kern IoP | SMARTPRO y  Kern IoP | MONITOR   .

Greater efficiency and reliability

Having automated systems for quality registration means  that operators and collaborators can focus on the manufacturing process rather than on information registration.

With Kern IoP  it will not be necessary to wait hours or days before relating a result from the quality department to the reality on the shop floor: Decisions can be made in a matter of minutes when the entire plant has the same information.



Quality and OEE: A responsibility of everyone in the plant

Quality assurance is one of the three pillars of the OEE and, to this extent, it is not only a concern of the quality department, but is key to the entire operational area of a production plant, from operators to general supervisors. Knowing in real time the causes of quality failures will bring your company an enormous benefit in terms of competitiveness.
Contact us to know how to achieve it! 

Real-time monitoring of the  OEE  enables quick decision-making on potential efficiency losses caused by inconsistencies in process parameters, input raw materials, or manufacturing errors that generate defective parts and scrap.


Overall Equipment Efficiency  Overall Equipment Efficiency

From the quality indicator, the proportion of defective final product is evaluated, for which Kern IoP | SMARTPRO It is capable of acquiring all kinds of variables (flatness, weight, pressure, tightness, etc.) quickly and in sync with the other indicators to have an OEE indicator that is always reliable and up-to-date.


KERN IoP Smartpro elimina la necesidad de llenar tablas y planillas a mano en su proceso de inyección. Digitalización en inyección de plástico. Industria 4.0, reducción de costos en inyección de plásticos en latinoamérica.

Tables by hand are a thing of the past!

Another relevant point is digitization. Data collection for quality assurance is done manually in many cases, generating rework and delays from the time the information is written until it is available and decisions can be made on it.


With this in mind, Kern IoP | SMARTPRO have been developed to enter processes with any level of automation. So, from data acquisition to viewing quality information, Kern IoP  has quality assurance on your production floor covered.

multiple forms of
measure quality


Teams  Kern IoP | SMARTPRO   have been developed to be coupled to multiple quality variable measurement systems, which can be easily connected to allow the teams associated with decision making to view all the necessary information. Thus, transversal access to information allows finding both the numerical data of a measurement and the specific quality summaries of each product associated with each work order.

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