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Your injection plant


Kern IoP is a company born from the interest in implementing Industry 4.0  systems in the injection molding area. Among the many compatible industries, Kern IoP systems have at their core a special interest in generating knowledge that enables decision-making within polymer injection plants.

How do we do it? Assembling monitoring, optimization and learning.

Industry 4.0

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Capabilities from monitoring


Quick connection to existing sensor systems and PLCs in the plant. From then on, a simple setup is enough to view data and metrics online.

smartpro (2).png

Kern IoP Systems | SMARTPRO for data visualization, purchase orders, entry  of causes of failures at the machine and much more

What can Kern IoP systems do for your injection process?

asesoria en planta_low.jpg

Possibility of analyzing data on the quality of the plastic part and productivity to establish the OEE of the equipment and the entire plant

Fabrica inteligente.jpg

Remote visualization from HMIs, mobiles and screens on the Kern IoP web platform | Display


is the most valuable ally of 

your injection plant. Contact us to access a demo and learn how your production process can be empowered on the way to industry 4.0.





In alliance with PM Tec Engineering and the Center of Excellence in Injection , the Kern IoP team has been specifically prepared in this area to develop the closest hardware and software solutions to the real requirements of the Latin American market.

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